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Hands On With Snapchat Spectacles

by Computer Sumo / August 25, 2016

Windows 10 comes with a nifty screen-capture utility through which you can snag screenshots and save them as image files. But what if you want to capture video clips? Well, it’s not out in the open and it’s not geared as a general video-capture utility, but there is a tool that will get the job done.

Baked into Windows 10 is an Xbox app, which allows you to stream Xbox One games to your PC, shop at the Xbox Store, and record your gaming activity. It’s that last item that interests us. The app’s Game DVR function can capture your gaming activity, but you can also capture virtually any type of screen activity in Windows 10 and save it as a video clip. Here’s how it works.

First, open the app or screen you wish to record; here we’ll use the Edge browser.


Press Win + G to open the Game Bar, the Xbox app feature that lets you record screen activity. You’ll see a message: “Do you want to open Game bar” along with a checkbox that reads: “Yes, this is a game.” You’ll have to fib here and click on the checkbox to pretend you’re recording a game.


The Game Bar pops up with controls to start and stop the recording. If you wish to record your own voice or other external audio, click “Record mic.”

You can either press the red record button on the Game Bar or press Win + Alt + R to kick off the screen capture. If you wait too long or click on the screen, the Game Bar disappears, in which case you’ll have to press Win + Alt + R.

Start your screen activity, in this case, perhaps you want to record a demo of certain features in the Edge browser.